Our passion is in precision and accuracy

Shiva International is growing exponentially with its support of Local and Global Partners and is reaching new customers every hour. We source the exact chemistry for our customer and ensure highest quality of products.

Who We Are, What We Do...

Shiva international is a highly professional team of Importers, Exporters and Traders in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.  We specialize in sourcing, supplying & trading of Plastics Scrap, Chemicals and Spices from all over the world. Since 2012, Shiva International deals with almost all the shapes and grades of Plastics – Regrind, Lumps, Off grade powder, Granules, Chemicals, Spices etc. Materials handled include PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PP, RESINS, BINDERS, ROSINS, SOLVENTS, CLOVES AND CLOVE STEMS


We at Shiva International as plastic, chemicals, solvents and spices importers, exporters and traders do business like no one else. We are a team of highly skilled professionals from different industries and thrive on the latest business solutions to help us know our customers better – and in turn, serve them better. We have a legacy of innovation, leadership and action in sustainability. As we look ahead, we are committed to going beyond our current capabilities and the reach of our products and solutions. Our Vision is To build strong foundation  develop healthier relation between our Partners and  valued customers. We have always believed in catering word class Raw Materials to help manufacturers produce quality products for the end users.



Sourcing raw material from Japan, South East Asia and the Middle East and supplying to your port on the CFR terms. Shiva International bridges the gap between the suppliers and recyclers to supplement each other’s needs.


Delivering the material of your choice to your factory within India. We are determined to providing the best services and thrive to ensure that our clientele receives nothing less than what we have committed to deliver. We have partnered with transport pioneers for systematic inland transportation which allows us to effectively mobilize the operations within the country.


Ankit Doshi

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Dhaval Shah

Sales & Marketing
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Purchase Manager
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